Best Jewelry Storage Boxes: How to store your jewelry safely

Best Jewelry Storage Boxes: How to store your jewelry safely & organized

Hello Readers, today we are providing the best jewelry storage boxes for you to purchase and accumulate information on how to organize your jewelry and store it safely. If you are loosing your jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings left and right keep reading this article to help you better store your jewelry. 

Best Jewelry Storage BoxsBest Jewelry Storage Box

Best Jewelry Storage Box #1: Mega Jewelry Storage Box

Imagine you can fit your every single piece of jewelry & make up items in just one box. That would relive so much hassle in our life. Our Mega jewelry storage box is just one thing you need for your everything problems. Check out the picture below, see how massive this jewelry storage box is. Mega Jewelry Storage box comes in 17 unique little compartments to fit your jewelry inside. It also has unique key lock system which means you can lock it anytime and anywhere no one can access it without you. Mega Jewelry storage box comes with 2 drawers, places for earrings, place for rings, and place for bracelets & watches. It is by far the biggest jewelry box available in the market to store your basic needs and ships with a lock system. It is made up of fine cut wood and comes in three different colors.

Best Jewelry Storage Box 1: Mega Jewelry Storage Box

 Best Jewelry Storage Box #2: Portable Jewelry Storage Box 

Do you love traveling? Well, at least I do. One of the biggest problem I personally faced is that whenever you are traveling to a wedding or a honeymoon and you want to look different everyday in different jewelry but due to lack of portable jewelry storage box, we don't know where to put our jewelry and thus, we lose them left and right. I actually purchased the portable jewelry box because I travel a lot and it is so convenient and cost friendly. It comes in 5 different colors and its place to store your necklaces on the top and the rest of jewelry on the bottom. It finishes of in the fine leather and looks super pleasant, organized and reliable. Here is a picture of it attached below.


Best Jewelry Storage Box 2: Portable Jewelry Storage Box 

Best Jewelry Storage Box #3: Leather Jewelry Storage Box

Oh the fine leather... It's a huge storage box with mirror included. Our leather jewelry storage box is indeed the only the jewelry storage box that the inbuild mirror attached to it. It has 9 different compartments unit and has 2 legs which opens up pretty wide. This is by far the best jewelry storage to keep at your home and use it for the everyday. It is so spacious that literally everything can fit inside the your make ups, watches, rings, eye liner literally everything. Here we have attached the picture of it below for a visual look. No to mention it does come with in an inbuilt privacy lock system and ships with a unique key only you can access it. 

Best Jewelry Storage Box 3: Leather Jewelry Storage box with mirror

Best Jewelry Storage Box #4: Triple Layer Jewelry Storage Box

This is one the coolest jewelry storage box, let me tell you why. Triple layer jewelry storage box comes with 29 compartments units for you to store the your jewelry. Yes, you read that right. 29!. It was the number 1 selling jewelry box on eBay and for Soniz. It has soft and minimal look but can store your whole house. This is the only jewelry storage box that has each different compartment layers and boxes for each different piece of jewelry. For example, it has a different place for bracelets and bangles, different place for rings, different places for earrings and so on. It comes in 5 different colors and with a key system and ships for free. 

Best Jewelry Storage Box 4: Triple Layer Jewelry Storage BoxBest Jewelry Storage Box 4: Triple Layer Jewelry Storage Box

Why store your jewelry?

Storing jewelry is always hard because you don't have a proper storing box for it. For example, in my freshman year of college I used to wear lots of jewelry but I couldn't tolerate when I go to sleep or don't know where to store it when I want to change it with new pair. I researched a lot on solutions but the only solution I came across was to purchase the jewelry storage box. Jewelry storage box comes in super handy when you have huge collection of something. Jewelry storage boxes I got was extremely useful because my jewelry box came with keys so I could lock it up too anytime and anywhere. 

Can I store my jewelry in wardrobe? 

You can store your jewelry in your wardrobe the only issue with that it collects dust from your other belongings and it ruins the shine and look of your jewelry. 

How long do Jewelry Storage Boxes lasts?

A well taken care jewelry box can last you for 3-4 years depending upon your everyday use and care for it. Soniz Jewelry Box are made from wood which can lasts upto 5-6 years if you don't loose the key. 

How Long do jewelry storage Box lasts?

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