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Mini Portable Thermal Printer

Mini Portable Thermal Printer

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Adhesive: Includes 6 free rolls of paper. 

Non-Sticky: Includes 6 free rolls of paper. 

Maximize your productivity this semester and master hard subjects with ease. ⌚️📚

 Mini Portable Thermal Printer is perfect for students who need to take notes on the go. Lightweight and compact, this portable and efficient device allows you to print anywhere without the need for ink or cartridges. An elegant and reliable solution for anyone seeking an effortless printing experience.

 How To Connect: (Manual Included in the Order) 📲

Step 1: Download the "Phomemo" App from Playstore or Appstore. 📱

Step 2. Connect the Printer to the App via Bluetooth. 🛜

Step 3. Insert the free paper. 🗞️

Step 4: Print your favorites. 📚

Use Code "Semester" at checkout for an extra 15% OFF. 

One Printer, Multiple use

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